This amazing specimen is a common carp, 98 cm long with a weight of 54 lb 8 oz (24.7 kg)! I will not be posting any pics nor will I be posting any links to the 2 new common carp records from this month, both over 50 lbs (July 2011). One is 55 lb and the other is a 67 lb common carp. Common carp are extremely popular with anglers in many parts of Europe, and their popularity as quarry is slowly increasing among anglers in the United States (though they are still generally considered pests and destroyed in most areas of the U.S.), and southern Canada. Distinguishing Common Carp from Grass Carp. A new state record for common carp was set when an angler caught a 30 pound 4 ounce fish when using hook and line on the Snake River above Upper Salmon Dam. Photo courtesy Mike Mazzoni Unlike trout, common carp (Cyprinus carpio) are unattractive, slimy, feed almost exclusively below the surface, and rarely inhabit clear mountain streams—choosing instead to live in turbid or brackish waters. However, only a small percentage of common carp records in U.S. open waters are based on koi. The Wisconsin record common carp on rod and reel was a 57-pound, 2-ouncer caught in 1966 at Lake Wisconsin. . The common carp can be easily identified by several features. Carp may be an invasive species, but many fly fishers love them. The Common Carp in North America. A new state record for common carp was set last week when Alex Veenstra reeled in a 30-pounder from the Snake River west of Twin Falls. For these reasons, the species was denigrated as a “trash fish” by . Common carp grow to a maximum length of 47 in., and a maximum weight of over 88 lbs. After an amazing fight and lots of great pictures taken I had the pleasure to put her back in her natural environment… A magic moment! Records show carp first being introduced to the ponds of Austrian nobility in 1227; however, there are also records of carp being transferred to Greece Italy during the Roman empire a millennium before, and the writings of European monks show that throughout the Middle Ages carp were raised in the ponds at castles and monasteries. A new rod and reel state record common carp was landed on December 20, 2020 on the Snake River just above Upper Salmon Dam. In the US record list all the carp are mixed. . Colorful varieties of common carp (i.e., nishikigoi or koi) are kept as pets in garden ponds and some have been introduced to ponds and public water bodies (Balon 1995). A few of these features are: large scales, two barbels on each side of the mouth, and the first dorsal and anal fin spines are serrated. According to the International Game Fish Association, the world record common carp was a 75-pound, 11-ouncer caught by Leo van der Gugten on May 21, 1987, at Lac de St. Cassien in … Arriving in the United States during the mid-1800s, increasing waves of immigrants could scarcely believe that this vast new land had no carp as it had been a cultivated food source, garden element, and symbol of strength and courage in Asia for over 4,000 years, and similarly esteemed in Europe for nearly 2,000! Carp are also popular with spear, bow, and fly fishermen. Back in 2013, author, lifetime carp angler and member of the BCSG, George Sharman, was asked by Bill Cottam, via his friend Colin McNeil, if he would look and study some of the scales he’d obtained from the previous world record common carp - the La Saussaie Carp - which topped over 100lbs.

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