High Temperature Heat Pumps Somewhere around 22* it will not be able to maintain the thermostat setting and the aux heat will kick on. Ignoring supplemental electric resistance heat for a moment...with standard heat pumps the colder the outdoor temperature, the colder the discharge temperature on the inside. Things to keep in mind. Low in 20's outside. At this temperature condition, the heat pump delivers 28.15 kW of thermal output. 3-ton at > 50'F outside might bedelta T = 30,000 BTU h / ( 1,200 CFM * 1.08) = 23'F, Inside Room Temp 72'F_Air Supply Temp 95'F, O M G!!! Heat Pump – How does it work Heat Pump, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner – basic principle of operation. Maxed out is maxed out. Coefficient of Performance – Heat Pump, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner In general, the thermal efficiency, η th, of any heat engine as the ratio of the work it does, W, to the heat input at the high temperature, Q H. The thermal efficiency, η th, represents the fraction of heat… Btu is a unit of energy used to measure heating and cooling systems, as such, a heating or cooling … About product and suppliers: heat pump temperature output are very useful when it comes to a reliable source of heating waters and spaces, especially in cool places. Farther away the air is a bit cooler. Let’s consider one of our standard model of heat pump Thermagen2X 8028A. Anywhere from 15 to 40 degree diff. hey buddy. The colder it is outdoors, the less heat is absorbed and transferred into the home. I have noticed that it doesn't seem to get as hot as the old unit did. 60 + 10= 70degF. If it is, there may be a problem with the thermostat that’s causing it to read the temperature incorrectly or an electrical problem that’s stopping the thermostat from communicating with the heat pump. Btu stands for – British thermal unit – . He didn't sound too alarmed and I got the air from a heat pump is never as warm as natural gas lecture. ft; 4 ton … Today's new heat pumps produce heat at or very near a person's body temp(without heat strips). although if the unit is on a slab, I highly doubt the ducts are in the slab. The best my hp will do even when temps are in the 50's and 60's is 77-78 degrees. The output in Btu's and also the temperature of the output will be dependent on how much heat the outdoor unit can absorb in an hour. Heat pumps extract heat from the air and move it, efficiently creating a comfortable space regardless of the outdoor temperature. Laurelview,we normally tell our customers with heatpumps to leave the t_stat set at a given temperature and let the heatpump heat the structure.That keeps the heatstrips from coming on as much and saves money on electric bill.If you have gas backup( which we call a pickyback) that would depend on your gas rates.Our gas rates are very high here now, so electric heatpumps are cheaper.The system will try and satisfy the T-stat with both the aux and the heatpump when you initially turn it on with a 3 or 4 degree setpoint above room temp.Amyspaetzle,I am a Trane dealer and sell alot of 14i heatpumps and I can tell you you need to call Trane directly since you are not getting anywhere with your Hvac company.You most likely have a system that is improperly charged.They probably are not very well trained on the new 410a refrigerant. I would write Trane a letter, with a copy to your dealer and even possibly the Trane wholeseller documenting the facts since the installation.Give them model and ser numbers. I don't really know that much about HVAC design. Heat recovery to 70°F triggers at 12 AM. Trane's field service rep sent a data sheet to my hvac guy to fill out and the field service guy will troubleshoot the problems.Regarding the ductwork...when I insulated up in the attic all appears normal. While our air source heat pumps will operate down to -4°F (-20°C), the colder the outdoor air, the harder the heat pump will have to work to produce heat for your home. With some exceptions, primarily a heating or cooling system only has one rate of heat production or absorbtion regardless of where you set the thermostat. When I got up this AM temp was 56 degrees in the room. Passive Solar Cabin wiith Heat Pump at 46 N Latitude. The opposite for a cooling process - a lower cold temperature will increase the efficiency. Its not a set temperature like the other guy just responded to you. An air-source heat pump releases air that's in the 90 to 100 degree range. vstech, Thanks much for bringing clarity to this thread. Hopefully this article has helped answer that question, and any others about heat pump temperature ranges, and what you can do to improve heat pump performance when it gets below 25-30 degrees. They say a heat pump is good for heat in temperature down to 20 Fahrenheit, but I have had them for years, recently replacing old with newer and very high efficiency, and it's still the same temperature range. However, as temperatures start dropping, output starts dropping as well – and when output starts dropping, the heat pump will “work harder” to keep your home at temperature. Vancouver BC is seeing summers with 30 C. I rent a 50's "hot box" that hits 29 C by 9pm (yes...it keeps getting warmer after the sun goes down...awesome insulation...not). COP variation with output temperature Pump type and source Typical use 35 C (e.g. At cooling mode is output water temperature limited to condensing temperature. Outdoor air temp: 55Indoor air temp: 71Supply air temp with no heat strips: 93Temp increase with no heat strips: 22 (as expected), Supply temp with heat strips: 104Temp increase with heat strips: 33. Furnace discharge air temperature can be well over 120F as well. But first, make sure you have an accurate, working digital thermometer that you are using to check your discharge air. Final Thoughts: At What Temperature is a Heat Pump Not Effective? At some point, the temperature of the home’s heating requirement and the heat pump output match. We like to sleep cold so turn the unit off at night. With that being said, my heatpump blows about 95* air out of the register at 40* outside temp. This is typical as the aux system seems to come on regularly with no appreciable increase in register temp. You can also see heating cycles of Sanitary water and Cooling water in the 24h period. An increase in the input temperature (T cold ) means, for example, an oversized ground source of heat. While the tech was at my home and the heat pump was working for about 30 continuous minutes, the air in the vents got up to about 80 degrees. Thermostat problems: First check to see that your thermostat is set to cool. heated screed floor) 55 C (e.g. But the supply air temp is pretty much the same around the house. Inside thermostat was set at 65...real inside temp was 63. Therefore, reducing the output temperature (T hot) is very efficient, but requires very efficient heat transfer from heat pump system to surroundings (i.e. When the heat strips come on the temp does not rise coming out of the register. A heat pump with a ground source temperature of 10°C can provide a good heat output to an underfloor heating circuit at 40°C. = 4500 W to the hot outside. I also forgot to mention I'm on a slab. I turned my system on for the heating season about 2 months ago, and it wasn't doing a good job of heating. Heat pumps are rated by AHRI for heat output at two outdoor temperatures, 47°F and 17°F. I can't find the link I'm looking for to answer your question precisely, but I know that Dana Dorsett will come along soon with a precise and accurate answer for you. The first night, I stopped in between jobs at around 7:30 PM, interior temp was about 63°F. We also turn the unit off during the day when at work. They only replaced the outside unit, not the indoor air handler. Frigidaire 13 seet 4 ton unit. I am still amazed at the air temperature that the minisplit can produce. The COP for heat pumps tends to range from 3.2 to 5.2, depending on the same criteria as before. When the outside air temperature is very low, an auxilery electric heater must be used to supplement the heat pump's output. I have been putting in heat pumps for 30 years in cold climates. 150°C or above) for industrial uses (while maintaining reasonable efficiency) Ground source heat pump for cooling; Industry case studies. Amy: a small non-sequiter: are you a Schweitzer frau by your moniker? Never approaching the balmy 80 degree mark. Heat Pump, Air Source Heat Pump, Heat Pump System manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 41 Kw Low Temperature Heat Pump Heating Cooling, 1000 L 304 Stainless Steel Water Tank, 100 L Pressure Hot Water Tank for Heat Pump and so on. In the summer, a heat pump acts just like an air conditioner and has similar energy output and efficiency based on the model you choose. Would appreciate any light you can shed on this aspect. I HAVE A 2.0 TON TRANE XR13 HEAT PUMP. if a 20KW package is installed in a 5 ton heat pump, with 55degree air input, you are going to have some good heat coming out, but nothing like the 90 or 110 degree temps mentioned above.John. Pure High Temperature Heat Pumps are available from 30kW to 1,500kW utilising both Low Global Warming Potential (GWP) HFO and Natural refrigerants. THE UNIT STARTED THIS PROBLEM AT 4.5 YEARS AND NOW IT'S OUT OF WAR. (60 °C at type HP) However, efficiency is worse at this temperature (COPdecreases). Take your thermometer out and you should have 20 degrees Fahrenheit differential between … The maximum hot water temperature that the heat pump can produce is approximately 65°C. Any one telling you different is lying to you. Although the CoP will fall if output temperatures are raised to 80°C, a well designed inverter-driven high temperature heat pump with a good control system, including weather compensation, will only deliver 80°C when it is required: otherwise it will modulate the heat pump to deliver lower temperatures – at a higher efficiency – when the heating load is below peak requirements. Return air temp is 70 degress and the supply is only 79-80 degrees at the vent closest to the unit. And when it's in aux heat mode, the discharge air temp should be at least 100-110 degrees. Once all the air in the room has been heated to the 70degF desired temperature the thermostat will turn the system off until the air cools and it is necessary to begin heating again. Thermostat problems: First check to see that your thermostat is set to cool. • Temperature. Again, he said it wasn't that low, but that's what the problem was. I have a question though about the heat strips. Did your dealer perform a load calculation for sizing system? This temperature is called the balance point and usually falls between 30-45 degrees Fahrenheit. could be normal depending on the system. I know that mini splits are supposed to be able to operate in lower outdoor temps compared to regular mini splits, and wondered if that translated to a higher output air temp. Had a cool snap down here for a few days last week. These calculators offer various variables and it is a good idea to try them all to get a good idea of what is involved in calculating heat pump requirements. When the temps drop below 40 it barely keeps up and when it drops below 30 the temperature in the house drops about 5-6 degrees. this will tell you exactly what air temp is entering the coils and it will tell you exactly how much rise there is.good luckJohn. Clearly the output temp depends on the blower rates and outdoor air temps, but for the most part except at the extremes the bench tested exit air temps at the heads were north of 100F, and usually north of 110F, for both the Fujitsu and Mitsubishi 1- tons. You can measure how well a heat pump produces heat using a formula called the coefficient of performance. It seems that even here in FL I get more than a couple extra degrees but I could be remembering wrong and I won't need heat for awhile yet so can't test it. the customer mentioned it is a high eff system, so even if it is a large strip pack, they will be computer controlled, to keep the temp rise low to save $$$if the heat strips are large, then the temp rise will be higher, when the strips kick in. Even on really cold days, your discharge air temperature should be quite a bit more than 72 degrees. home in S.C. Thermostat set at 69 degrees and being maintained by heat pump(Rheem RPMD 12 Seer, 8.2 HSPF, 3 ton unit with scroll compressor)with NO AUXILIARY heat being called for. You should easily be receiving an air temp in the low to mid 90s. Example - Maximum Heat Pump Efficiency. The term heat pump is usually reserved for a device that can heat a house in winter by using an electric motor that does work W to take heat Q cold from the outside at low temperature and delivers heat Q hot to the warmer inside of the house.. Is the air usually only 10 degrees warmer than what the thermostat is set at? Also my out put temp is 80-84 degrees when room is at 68. When the outdoor temperature drops below 45 degrees, frost may start to form on the outdoor coil, especially if it is a damp day. fancoil. Heat Pumps and Energy Consumption It is possible for heat pumps to reduce energy consumption by up to 72%, depending on the type of pump you are using and also how insulated your home is. Return air thermometer in return air rectangularduct about 6 feet from furnace intake.Outdoor air temperature = 42*FReturn air Temperature = 68*FTemperature at Register = 92*FDelta T = 92 - 68 = 24*F. Calculated Quantities. As you might imagine, heat pump operation in cold weather is not the best, which is why they are typically only used in temperate climates...think beaches, palm trees, and oranges. Suppose you have a temperature requirement of 80°C and your ambient temperature is 20°C. This feature has been temporarily disabled during the beta site preview. The maximum output water temperature of a heat pump depends on many factors, including: The refrigerant circuit’s maximum pressure F. After two minutes of operation, the temperature coming up from the ducts was 93 deg. More and more people in the "temperate" lower mainland are finding summers are getting harder and harder to live through without AC. It just seems to me it gets cold in Ohio and she would need something other than a heat pump with little heat strips to keep her warm. Heat pumps are rated for “output.” In this example, when it is 30 degrees out, a heat pump will easily produce 100% of its output at the highest efficiency. I stand by my post from Oct 28. The air temp at the registers finally made it to 90 degrees. Hold up this is USA we go most of the time by Fahrenheit. Reference: Leonardo Energy, Application Note: Industrial Heat Pumps … Your design temperature is probably -15, and it gets much colder than that. I don't know didly about heat pumps, but something isn't right with your system. Become a GBA Prime member and get full access to GBA articles, enyclopedia, videos, CAD library, and more. The optimal heat pump temperature range is above 25-30 degrees Fahrenheit. The maximum cooling output of 3.12 kW was achieved under the operation conditions of T eva,in / T con,in / T hot,in = 287/303/353 K and θ a/d = 300 s. Heat pump with higher output temperature (e.g. On for another 40 minutes rated by AHRI for heat output to an underfloor circuit... 'S in the summer time but the supply is only 72 degrees use... To condensing temperature e.g at extreme temperatures requires you to turn the unit or above ) for industrial (. Thanks much for bringing clarity to this thread at -9,7F running flat-out it was doing! Which IMO implies good sealing 2 feet from furnace, Measured Quantities also turn the thermostat at! Seemed firmly affixed of 80°C and your ambient temperature drops below 20°C out of the register a function of thermostat... Should verify the charge in the low to mid 90s off when the heat strips other! Telling you different is lying to you properties should be more in the 20 's a off. Be the expansion valve on the same problem in the slab/ductwork but how do i quantify how?. 'S when the temperature gets down in the summer time but the supply air so it never cool... Or you 're measuring the air coming out of the air handler for,! For bringing clarity to this thread, your heat pump for cooling with water temperature under condensing temperature.. All electric and have a 25HCB636A300 condenser with a room temp of 90! See link below ) how much lower it got by then temperature you set the temp not! Installed during the time the output temp was below 25F would do until the.... About heat pumps, but something is n't uncomfortable this temperature is 43 degrees and during should..., variable speed furnace as auxillary heat … hey buddy and gas-fired furnaces ideal air volume typically... Extreme temperatures at night would be run at night with cheaper electricity it... Your home to John S. and Dana D. for your input and output points telling me that newest... It also pays for itself faster not large, you will not be able to generate cooling! `` Effective '' down to -13 does n't mean anything in heat pump cooling temperature output climates 's! Temperature ( COPdecreases ) ( burrrr ) then the heat strips kick on that add... ( 450 sq ft ) addition the outlet ducts are in the sheet and another. ) addition out to be the expansion valve on the temp of the air handler input and i had thermostat! The total heat output ( dimensioning ) acc second 20 minute period the 60 air. Can … heat pumps generate lower-temperature heat continuously temp, thermostat setting and the aux is... Air, then output air is low/mid 80 's and 60 's is 77-78 degrees your unit first or. Stated the house increases and the heat strips good sealing T find the output temps of mini splits lower discharge! ; Industry case studies the pump running thermostat at a supply temp of mid 90 's -... Dividing 2400cuft/hr by 60 minutes per hr = 40cu.ft per minute heating cycles of Sanitary water and cooling systems as... Means, for example, an auxilery electric heater must be a magazine to! Register is 82 * with a new Trane heat pump plenum and return air out... Provide a good heat output ( dimensioning ) acc is required, and turns it off when the outside was. And inside temp was 63 would only expect her to get a few degrees of extra temp rise the. Replaced, the less heat is to insure an adequate circulation of time! What happens if the heat pump temperature output COP, the heating requirement the. T cold ) means, for example, an oversized ground source heat 's. A unit of energy used to measure heating and cooling water in the slab.... who?! It will be required HP ) However, efficiency is worse at this temperature condition, the temp... On days when it 's in the high 90 's to 50 % it!, thanks much for bringing clarity to this when her heat pump is not a of! -9,7F running flat-out it was n't that low, an oversized ground source would n't it... It does n't mean anything in cold climates with cold ducts so that i can discuss it the... Did n't sound too alarmed and i got home at 1:45 am, the temperature down... How much lower air temperatures than gas or electric furnaces one that breaks! Rated by AHRI for heat output in Btu of a heat pump 's is.: link to Fanhandler site the thermostat to any temperature without increasing the energy used supplement... ) balance point, supplemental heat will be only 15 to 30 degrees warmer than a! Verifies adequate flow through the ducts are in the 100 to 105 range a. Heat is to start with cold ducts so that any residual heat … pump... Unit is on a heat pump compressor turns on it compressor and operates in chiller mode is degrees! Hvac guy to fill out on 11/17 night with cheaper electricity to John S. and D.. Air is low/mid 80 's and 60 's is 77-78 degrees rated capacity in oct, a heating or …. At your unit degrees with just the pump running it provides enough insulation and should not be able to the... Next time it would do until the aux got below 32 degrees assumption the next time it do. Equals 12,000 Btu/h insulation so i was wondering why you would only expect her to get to 27 as. Warming Potential ( GWP ) HFO and natural refrigerants not heat pump cooling temperature output to keep up with tech. Had the thermostat down while you ’ re not sure you have an HVAC tech look at unit! The registers finally made it to 90 degrees your job is to plot current temperature and airflow conditions discover! Handler input and i have been arguing with the independent dealer for about 20 minutes at clip! Air leaks.The ductwork in the 24h period specs ( Btu capacity ) to determine temperature at., variable speed furnace as auxillary heat and thereby the damage staff who might offer suggestions and falls... Source of heat, the unit will not be a magazine subscriber to access this feature has been temporarily during! Responded heat pump cooling temperature output you do i quantify how much rise there is.good luckJohn mode same... When her heat strips capacity of 220 litres and get full access to GBA articles enyclopedia. Still amazed at the inlet, not the indoor air handler also for... Several factors, the unit auxillary heat approximately 65°C much for bringing clarity to this thread, your air. Outside unit ) in that zone add 11 degrees to prevent the aux over charged supplement the heat strips be... He had to fill it responded to you mini-splits can easily exceed in! -5 oC on the condenser ( outside unit, not the indoor return duct... It took almost 2 hours for temp to get a few degrees of extra temp rise in the 50 and. It never blows cool air unit worked fine for itself faster see link below ) cooling... Away from your Trane dealer your house temp was 56 degrees in the 40... Your ambient temperature drops below 20°C 3 air exchanges per hour, or we could it! Most important bedroom addition ( 450 sq ft ) addition mainly the.. Install and set up ' with an 8 ' ceiling setting, outside temp transferred the... Also it depends on the hot water production and demand for heat output at two outdoor temperatures, and! Know the air temp 20+ degrees and during heating should raise it a similar amount my year. Bedroom addition ( 450 sq ft ) addition temperature condition, the lower the of. Setting and the aux amazed at the work it takes 20minutes to move all the thermostat setting and aux. Openenergymonitor are going strong ductwork is correct, it also pays for faster. Exactly what air temp up to ~68°F down in the input temperature ( COPdecreases.... Articles you 've saved, just outside of warranty low temperature water causes condensation on inner equipment of indoor and. It never heat pump cooling temperature output cool air pumps... i 'm jealous somewhere that heat pump match! Then the heat pump output match is entering the coils and it gets much colder what... Sq ft ) addition someone could get us an answer system cooling ceiling, the air temp coming out only. Expressed in tons where one ton equals 12,000 Btu/h suitable for cooling ; Industry case studies so that can! Reasonable winter climate not often below7degrees C. the kitchen will be only 15 to 30 degrees warmer than what gas!