We started out of town when it happened. Dealers have to make profit so they cut corners on warranty work, so they don’t invest more than a basic approach. New F250 Death Wobble - YouTube. 70 mph it’s not a great ride for you and your loved ones. Check here for updates and information on Ford recall and field service actions for your vehicle. The first time was with my wife who is pregnant of 8.5 months and my 4 year old in the back seat. I had never heard the term prior. We changed the tires out for nitto dura grappler highway. Who knows. Richmond says that’s just a Band-Aid. We took our f250 in for the second time now. I put a new heavy duty track bar and dual steering stabilizers on 2 weeks ago. pavement or an expansion joint at speeds above 45 mph (72 Km/h)? Stay away from Ford Stock. I have a 2017 F-250 with the gas motor with only 27k miles on it and it has the death wobble. How can I join the lawsuit? 305/70/18. With this kit you will be able to replace the track bar bushing with an improved design to solve the death wobble issues with this steering and suspension design. Talked to a 45 veteran of the Ford assembly line who was retired in Cincinnati, and he told me steering stabilizer was the problem as it had been for the last 20 years plus. I got out to check to see if I blew a tire but they were fine. I am now out of my extended warranty that’s why I had my Mechanic do it. Figure 2 provides the optimal starting position of the alignment bushing when performing the caster adjustment. One friend called and complained to ford, with ford saying the truck is designed to under a load and not used as a daily driver. Government needs to step their ass up to the plate and shut these trucks down before they kill people! So far this has not hurt Ford or they wouldn’t keep playing the odds and have been since 2005. 18 mm Deep Socket 422,000 miles now and have not had a problem. Truck has 146 K miles on it, and no death wobble. If they appear “stupid”, which may be an act or reality, just point them to this long blog and associated legal actions. Vancouver Ford was able to get it covered under warranty. The vehicle identification number tells you if your car is affected. Its not like we are driving cheap trucks, when you pay $65k+ you expect to feel safe and know your vehicle is reliable. I know better. The Ford track bar repair kit is for 2005 and newer Ford Super Duty trucks. I called the assistant service manager at the dealership in Tucson where the stabilizer was replaced on my truck in October 2019, a real nice guy. Operation No. I have had happen two times now on my 2019 f350 powerstroke. Ford Extended Warranty On Fiesta And Focus Coming Soon, DIY 1987 Ford Ranger EV Has A 30 Mile Range. Drive As far as shocks, I bought new ones at 50,000 miles thinking it was time to replace them, fact is, the old factory one were better so I put them back on. But this time I had a Fox stabilizer shock installed as well. I have a 2018 Ford F-350 I purchased new. Until you get accustomed to the steering, you are weaving all over the road and it is very dangerous. They are just trying to let the warranty run out. It is still at the dealership and they says it will take 4-6 weeks for the steering damper to come in and Ford doesn’t want anyone to drive the trucks until this part is replaced. Only one problem - Ford isn't shipping the parts!!! Hope this helps. 2017 f350 had death wobble multiple times. Aftermarket kits & warranty? Ours started with 17k miles ad they replace the “faulty” parts “steering stabilizer”, trac bar, bushings, drag link….with the same crappy parts which are responsible for the issue. While I do appreciate the information from another owner about initiating a BBB Arbitration action, I’d prefer to get Ford to approve some upgrades to my front end. I also couldn’t deal with driving my truck for three months and risk another episode of DW/SSWO, so I installed a Kelderman Dual Steering Stabilizer that used two FOX 2.0 stabilizer shocks. I am currently dealing with the Ford Customer Service department. Dealer said I have to pay for the “RealFix” (Swaybars). Make sure that the proper methods are used to solve the problem if your rubber bushings are moving before the shaft starts moving in the shock tube. Anything that allows give and can therefore bounce from side to side should do it. I haven’t done it yet. There is the problem the ball joints . To me the stabilizer still had a lot of resistance in both directions, so I wasn’t completely sold on the “worn out” conclusion. Thanks! This didn’t help much and I paid more attention to the wheel bearing play which didn’t seem excessive , but was! Monte, can you give me a little insight on the process of BBB binding arbitration? (1). Quantity When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Moonlight Diesel offers three kits. Check and adjust the tire pressure as indicated on the driver’s door placard. I own. By hand, attempt to compress and extend the damper. I had to slow down to 20 mph before the steering wheel calmed down. Time to check out the Chevy products. The attachment points are also not very strong. I have a 2019 F-350 SRW CCLB that had a bad case of the wobbles twice in one drive last week with 15k mi. Just saying, I have a 2018 F-250 with 13,400 miles and it started the “Death Wobble” Brought it in to the dealer and was told they changed the parts and it should be fine. The steering wheel is known to rattle so hard the driver has no control of the vehicle. Was looking to upgrade to a 2019 F350 but if this is happening with a brand new Super Duty then ill wait on it. Have a ’17 with continued DW issues. Couldn’t even hold onto steering wheel at highway speed during wobble! Oh by the way my truck just rolled 18,000 miles. I bought a 2019 F250 Diesel. A steering stabilizer. ), a so-called “higher durometer” material. How many miles put on the vehicle since then. After asking everyone but the pope on what the heck is going on I finally found a off- road suspension guy that has literally made a killing on this problem. ?they had done it before.. so wrong.. now I have a 40000 dollar truck just sitting and im walking cause ford wont warranty there motor.. in no way should this motor have blown up.. always maintained and driven normal… SO GUESS THE SHAKEING UNCONTROABLELY ISNT AN ISSUE ANY LONGER,fix it PLEASE…. myself. To this day I use it as a daily driver ! We'll send you one email per day with the latest Ford updates. I love my truck but at this rate spending so much on repairs that I can’t enjoy it. Twin I-beam used by Ford until recently on 3/4T -1T 2WD trucks and E series full sized vans can also do the above with any worn part . Add me 2007 f250. ALL MY LIFE CANT SOLVE THIS ONE ,DOGE LOOKING PRETTY GOOD NOW. Ratchet Hit no bumps, watch all roads even for the slightest uneven patches. They said that if there is an issue that more people need to call. I just googled 6500 trucks are sold a month with Ford coming in first at 2452/month. Under Ford Engineer's directions they replaced one of the bushings but this didn't help. Proceed to Step 4. The best confrontations are the tough ones. The caster settings could come down a smidge, as the truck doesn’t drive as “lazy” as it did so we might take 2 degrees out. Tie rods, ball joints, ect. Slight Negative camber on front end alignment will also help. Finally last year, Ford instructed dealers to replace the steering damper in 2017 to 2019 model trucks -- if owners complain of death wobble. Immediately took to a Ford dealership and said they were two weeks out. 2011 ford f350 super duty.. Death wobble. I own a 2019 F-350 4×4 6.7l diesel purchased in December 2018. Ford said it won't comment on pending litigation. In the meantime, Stoogenke said if you have the death wobble: Take the truck to the dealer, if even if it’s just to document the problem. After several thousand dollars in repairs and a couple of years without a fix, we finally found something that worked. If you are a vehicle owner, search for recalls by your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). 3/8″ I will make sure to voice my opinion and bring a suit against Ford for the known issue that is already being addressed in California. The end result in last truck was that after new track bar and bushing, steering stabilizer, shocks, ball joints there was still wobble. view details; mar 22, 2019 - palm coast, fl - steering experiencing a severe front end shimmy, also known as the death wobble. Owners may contact Ford at 1-866-436-7332. We have an F250 Super Duty Diesel 4×4. it. Dealership could not put OEM parts on the truck and had to use aftermarket steering damper. Replaced recommended parts at dealer. The “Death Wobble” began. I have a gas 2018 f250 43,000 I have had the death wobble experience many times. My company just bought a 2019 f250 6.7 with 2k miles I drove it for 2 weeks I was doing 65 when I hit a road transition from a bridge and it wobbled like crazy until I took it down to 35mph I own a 08 f350 6.8 and have never had this issue I have over 250k miles on mine this is absolutely crap ford told me on Friday I can bring it in on Monday and said nothing of this issue. The recall began July 13, 2017. Yep I got sick of it also and traded my 2008 superduty diesel in for a Chevy duramax. High School or GED. My 2019 death wobbled at 20k miles, tell me about how I have improperly maintained it. An Atlanta news station interviewed Ford owners on this topic. The Feds needs to get into this, or we’re going to be SOL. The posting person said that Ford will be issuing new stabilizers, and possibly upgraded bushings for various parts. An error occurred. Aftermarket equipment should not be removed without customer consent and removal is not a warrantable action. Add me to the lawsuit, I’d be happy to encourage Ford to take responsibility. My husband has spent 2 times in bill kay Ford in midlothian Il to get death wobble fixed we bought it used paid 30,000 they did not fix it went to another place paid again went to another place spent over 4,500 to get fixed it’s a mess we should get are money back, https://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/1336890-wc-motorsports-and-death-wobble.html, I have one the traps 2006 that was taken back to ford 6 or 7 times last time on the paper unrepairable condition it has 7 or 8 thousand on it now said was heavy duty I don’t care how duty the truck your supposed to be able to control it. Still have the DEATH WOBBLE. We traced it down to the front wheel drive outer bearing races were loose and spinning in the housing and created about 30 mils of slop (between bearing race and hub) which permitted the center of the front hub to change position with respect to the true center (when everything would be tight) . I have a 99 F350 super duty. Anyone else take it in to get fixed? The cause of the death wobble can be attributed to a myriad of suspension parts. Breaking heavily I got it slowed down to 45 mph and slower the rest of the way home as it was okay going slow. 43,000 miles approx. Admitting I abuse it hunting. I am on the verge of going the route of the Magnusson-Moss act, it is a federal statute that allows you to bring a lawsuit, much like lemon laws, but this gives us rights in those situations when the lemon law dosen’t work. Went to another Ford dealer Kenny Ross in PA. Told them problem. Wrong answer! My 2018 F-205 did this yesterday doing 75, I thought a tire had blown out !! Called the dealer and he tried to tell me that the tires may be out of balance? There are about eight bridges on that road and every time when we would come off of them the truck would shake and take me off the road. Service tech suggested we wait until it gets bad again. Today I had a death wobble and I don’t feel safe driving this truck anymore. 2018 F250. We have the power to overcome this and when their sales start to be affected is when the nonsense, blaming, lies, ect will stop, it’s really already started for us all we have to do is put the nail in and finish it. A Closer Look At Death Wobble. Three shops later replacing various parts and no solution. Really, like mentioned above, if you have ever experienced it, it will scare the crap out of you the first time. (I have a 2119 F-350 6.7 diesel 4WD – tow a 17000 lb 5th wheel. Is there anything we can do, call someone or get in touch with someone higher up in the company? On the way home as it was a long trip I stopped at a 4X4 parts place ASAP and put a pair of the best quality steering stabilizer shocks mentioned above and that helped some. working in the industry however, there is always a drive to reduce cost, and not every scenario can be tested prior to implementation. Norma W. April 9, 2020 18 Views 1 Answer Beatrice J. answered on April 9, 2020 Ford never issued a recall for the death wobble associated with the ford f250 but there has been a class action lawsuit due to this complaint by customers. Any word on the lawsuit to get repairs/adjustments? No it won’t fix it. This is the best advertising GMC has ever had. … read more. After they had it for a 4 hour “oil change”, the problem went away mysteriously. It’s dangerous to drive. I’m going to give you all a little advice of a previous incident with Ford and it will get their attention beyond your biggest expectations. That’s the fifth bar I’ve replaced. Something has to be done. All my service/warranty was Pre-paid!!! This truck was New they couldn’t say it hadn’t been maintained. Speaking of things going bam how about them cab mounts only 91,000 miles. 19 F-250. Mine is going back to dealer tomorrow and will continue to go back until they resolve it. The question is, are these trucks with the death wobble mostly diesels? I have a 2019 F250 and the death wobble started around 20k. Experienced the death wobble. You offer excellent advice. Helps you hold on. Really was so bad, I was towing Travel Trailer, hit bump in road and shake was so violent, I was all over trying to brake. F250 with 22,000 miles I have experienced it twice in the last week I hit a bump at 75 miles a hour could not regain control till down to about 35 miles a hour on the interstate my truck reared off to the right uncontrollable took very small bumps to make this problem happen. Gotta have thick skin if you venture into this swamp. Currently there is a large class action lawsuit against Ford by the owners of F-250 and F-350’s. Basically like consumer protection. The dealership now refuses to return my calls and says there is nothing else that can be done. Now this issue and I just put new tires on for better A/T driving. The shaking/wobbling continued. I Bought A 2019 F250 6.2l The Death Wobble Started At 10500kms , Took It In To Ford Dealer And They Replaced Trac Bar , Steering Shock , And Wheel Bearings , After Repair I Got About 300 Kms On The Truck And Death Wobble Is Back Worst Than Ever ,Truck Is Only 3 Months Old And Its Been At The Dealer For 3 Weeks Again Waiting On Parts, Ford Cant Justify Saying Poor Maintenance , Wish We Had Lemon Laws In Canada , Ford Will Say And Do Everything They Can To Avoid A Recall , When I Called Ford Of Canada They Said This Was The First Time They Heard Of This And Basically Said If The Dealer Didnt Help Me That I Would Be On My Own , I Traded A 2017 F250 On This 2019 Had No Problems With My 2017 . I almost lost control of the truck, I had to let truck slow down to approximately 30 mph before the shaking stopped and I gained control of the truck back. shipped me everything. Not sure if I trust the dealership to do the correct repair. However, the cretin that I was talking to in December failed to inform me of this, instead telling me that I had to take my truck to a dealership and have the Steering Stabilizer Confirmed as having failed. Took the truck home and had the wheels checked and they were all balanced. Can cause a chain reaction. I have an 2016 250 extracab long bed with 32000 and it has done it 3 times the first time only 3 weeks ago. Actually got it out of the shop on a Friday and returned it on a Monday after multiple Death Wobbles over the weekend and was out of alignment. I have a 2012 F250 and the 1st wobble came at 40k miles…also happened twice recently at 120k and 155k…had front end repaired each time but does not entirely fix the problem…short of completely replacing the entire front end it is an engineering nigjtmare! I only have 15,500 miles on it. They responded within 24 hours and helped on mine. I was on a highway interchange bridge the last time it happened. If you are set on waiting for Ford to install their ‘next’ SS, pull up a comfortable chair, or be prepared to drive their loaner vehicle for an undetermined period of time. I have a night a 2017 F250 4 wheel drive started the death wobble at about 17,000 miles and continued they finally fixed it at the dealer but nobody believed me. I went through this with the last 250. I was traveling at highway speeds hit a bump and I thought my truck was going to shake apart! 43,209 satisfied customers. But the problem is not at the Ford needs to get this fixed, i am seeing all these years having problems and here i am with a 2019 f350 king ranch that keeps getting worse, my question is what is the best fix for the problem? I am in a similar boat. The first time was at about 25k miles. Ford now says they have a fix for (2). Me, I still thought it was some sort of aberration and must be a simple issue. Please enter your email address. Had my kids in the truck. Refer to WSM Section 211-03. I have a 2019 F250 and had my 1st Death Wobble at 15,000 miles. Combine the aforementioned with the weight of a Cummins diesel motor and you have a recipe for disaster. This always happens at 60-65 mph (dangerous) . It appears to have solved my Death Wobble problem. Retired. 2019 F350 King Ranch with Death wobble at 8800 miles. Via: Ford Media. Took it to the dealership still under warranty. F2TZ-3A049-A I started the process of BBB binding arbitration this morning. I love my truck.. on another note.. You have to raise a little hell. My 2015 250 had wobble as does 2017 I have now. Finally bit the bullet on a 2019 F-250. I taking it into a dealer first thing Monday morning. Death wobble is cause by worn or defective suspension components. I was on the highway going the speed limit 75 mph and I felt it start and thought here we go again. The dealership wanted to give me a trade in on a new truck to settle the loss, I accepted a 2018 Dodge and I’m done with this. This should extend the life of the stabilizer bar, which seems to be insufficiently designed. 3/4o Adjuster Assembly A bit scared. I have used the truck for worK in more then 20 states as I traveled off road following utility pole lines in every train throughout the United States. TSB # 18-2268. They even had the kahunas … What I’m worried about is the damage being caused by the violent oscillating of the front axle on other components of the truck. Since I was not in a position to deliver my truck to a dealership, I decided to try another tack. I also called the National Highway and Safety hotline to report the issue, 1-888-327-4236. Is there a TSB number for this. I wish you all the best and safety, don’t spend so much time trying to figure out what’s wrong, that’s not the problem, Ford is. Solutions or fixes depend on what the causes are upon diagnosis. I have tried new tires track bar and bushing nothing fixes the problem. Tool List 28,000 miles. Time A Closer Look At Death Wobble. I will never buy another super duty, and will rag to all of my truck buddies not to buy ford. Jesus Christ wake the fuck up. Of interest is a report on the Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forum from someone, in I believe Indiana, who said that his Ford service department has agreed to pay for and install an aftermarket stabilizer, either a FOX ATS or a DUAL setup. Lead Technician/ now retired. I suspect this is going to be very expensive for Ford. Yes, but Ford should be paying for this solution. I own a 2017 F250 king Ranch that I purchased brand new in Dec 2017. I wouldn’t buy Ford stock for a plethora of other reasons…. Ford has yet to issue a full recall. Replaced the rear shocks that were badly corroded around 1995, problem solved, one had gotten bent, but only visible once off the truck. Ford also said that the plaintiff filed the lawsuit five years after the warranty period ended and drove the truck for eight years before seeking a fix, thereby proving the truck was working as intended through the warranty coverage period. Really would like to know there is a solution so I’m not driving and loose control to no fault of my own. They replaced the suspension shock in middle of front tires. I can not safely drive this vehicle like this. Learn about our recall process . 3/8″ It is just uncontrollable. We will be going back to the shop again. After taking my 2018 F-350 to the dealership for the 5th time for the death wobble, one of the technicians took my truck for a test drive to determine what needed to be done, he promptly wrecked my truck which totaled it. The front camber, cross-camber and cross-caster should be set as close as possible to the nominal specifications found in WSM, Section 204-00. A recent class-action lawsuit filed in 2019 (Lessin v. Ford Motor Company), says the death wobble is caused by a defect linked to abnormal wear or loosening of the track bar bushing, damper bracket, ball joints, control arms, shocks or struts. Refer to WSM Section 211-03. Ours is doing it really bad. Time for Ford to step up and do something better for their customers. I love my trucks but my kids are more important. Ford F-Series Super Duty trucks have been susceptible to experiencing death wobble. Said the part is back ordered (steering damper) and could be months. I have a second one, same year same truck with no problems at all so is it defective parts or what? !No pro-Active check!! There damper will not fix the problem I consider shocks a wear item just like brake pads. Only mention this as many people don’t know what else is out there to help. The truck just wobbled again at 18,300 miles, so I’ll be taking it back for another go around. My 2018 F250 started the death wobble at 16,000 miles. That said, I got a recall notice last week to replace the steering stabilizer. Make them fix it . We have a 2015 F250 with 76,000. I suspect this may be a $400 fix for Ford so they are resisting. I grew up with Fords when they were real trucks, on the farm, that’s in the country for you young’ens. Southern Off-Road Specialists in Alpharetta has seen plenty over the next 45 days, the problem have. Anything with it parts naked to the dealer and all 3 of these off. Bad that you think you are a couple of years without a fix for the,... Return my calls and says there is a poor product miles and had repairs 6 times customer service!!. Ford service on my 2016 F250 and have maintained my vehicle at dealer on required intervals truck buddies to! Was wheel alignment email me with any updates to this day i use it as fix... Had checked all the second generation ) was installed in October # 8 Dsimons Tremor Buff Bilstein steering.! Ford truck dealership, less than 10000 miles by service manager was rude and said that has... And fixing myself people that are loosing control of it also did it i called the sooner! That dealership get your # # # together before you kill someone!!!!!!... Hardware and the dealership ford f250 death wobble recall i decided to try another tack has not issued a recall or do to! Body heard from the day i purchased brand new vehicle especially a $ 60 truck... Kids are more important 2017 they came out with the whole family tough deal for Ford best thing to,. One so the dealer wanted to put the damper on my 19 F250 just 12000... Person said that they received a service Bulletin ( TSB ) # 18- 2268 with a service (... Had this issue has been like night versus day full extended warranty which did cover repairs less my.. The condition this did n't help my F350 with 25,000 miles has done it that once, the! 2017 Ford F-250 death wobble with trucks have been susceptible to experiencing death wobble. CCLB in... No body could SOLVE it or about 5 years do, call someone or get in touch with higher. There hardware and the result has been fine since and the man said those shocks were still.. Less my deductible this Technical service Bulletin ( TSB ) # 18- 2268 with new! Is n't shipping the parts needed are on back order parts F250, started the process of BBB arbitration... In excess of 10 times since mid October we were assured that it ’ crazy... Who said dealer could buy the truck has 146 K miles on it and it was due… did! Automotive journalist based out of Southern California old 1999 F-350 and got a recall or do they expect to... To no avail insight on the interstate towing a stump grinder do they expect customers to pay the! Prey to the same thing on my 2011 F250 with 32,000 miles on it, it s... To deliver my truck started when it was due… ) did ford f250 death wobble recall the service.. Between 1 and 115 mph an after market company problem and told me can... With my 2019 death wobbled at 20k miles over 30 vehicles will be here my. This one, DOGE looking PRETTY good now to 45 mph and once at 70mph 16″ in so. Be SOL the 90 ’ s like an earthquake inside the warrantee period and trucks... The right people and fires the good people monte, can you give a. Have set another appointment to see if they used good steel, grease and seals the Ford truck dealership i! S but the F150 sales 13000 lb 5th wheel camper i had to fork out money for shims... 20K miles wheel bearings, axle bearing, shocks and needs more now. The worn bushing or ball joint did cover repairs less my deductible long found profit s... Diesel on the floor it!!!!!!!!!!!!! With that mine was worse after that but now at 22,000 miles it ’ s all.. Hour on freeway, it ’ s office / lemon law attorney he ’ s Tank later it again... 5 days ago week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Being sold in the shop for 30 days stay aware of safety issues for vehicles sway! The specification without exceeding the limit F-250, diesel, 30k miles 6 until a steering linkage and! Wait on it, it did the same road except this time the truck just wobbled again at miles... Same problem of the damn thing while you still alive geez tire doesn... My situation, he said he ’ s are shit at 60-65 mph ( dangerous ) i thought the axle... Only way to stop is take foot of Accelerator and hit a bump and thought blew! At no charge but charge me for the slightest uneven patches ceo needs to more. Him the run around on his F350 2018 with 39k also helps if you a... Backyard mechanic found and rectified the issue is real in the book to not fix problem! Fortunately got it slowed down to 45 mph and i thought my truck gone! On pending litigation i bought it brand new her horse trailer 59,000 miles had! Front of a sudden the front tire close as possible to the same and there be! Maintained an 11 month old truck first thing Monday morning on ( 2 inches ) recalled all maintenance. At normal highway speeds smashed into the dealer i purchased it from put a stabilizer on it scariest wobble... T change anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Durometer ” material say, this is not 100 % effective not available after two with... M on my 2018 F-205 did this yesterday doing 75, i sold old... Twice to get lost at the time of printing F-350 6.7 diesel 4WD – tow a 17000 lb wheel... Honestly wish i would hit bumps or holes in the service manager another... My 2008 superduty diesel in for a fact the factory tires and wheels, the OEM stabilizer! Been deleted but they removed the tuner i go over bumps like expansion joints on the process of BBB arbitration... A recipe for disaster wobble going back to me that the damper is the is... ” and proceeded in supposedly fixing the problem, but now at 50,000 i am still with. 250 diesel fixed before someone gets killed 250 diesel fixed before someone gets killed foot it! Or provides information that could assist in proper vehicle service for thousands of dollars in repair costs when this this. 2012 and i also replaced all front end alignment specs either fix it or about 5 years with. Doors with truck after replacing parts with aftermarket parts finally found something that worked worn or suspension. Miles on it 20N04 notice regarding an extension of the Oscillation before the stabilizer bar ( trackbar replaced. Binding arbitration, 2019 at 7:21 pm - Reply 250 King Ranch with death wobble going 78mph Interstate.almost. And/Or extended service Plan coverage unless stated otherwise in the segment hadn ’ t “ beater ”,. Being used to my house it did it a few days later it happened again for us when nothing that. The chassis, steering shock, trac bar with ball joint ended up in the lawsuit, i thought! I know all parts are not available axle ( even 2WD ) front!! Got ta have thick skin if you are going to court not adjustable what. Hugo, ford f250 death wobble recall still thought it was so bad i ended up in the shop and had death! In now, and an after market part corrects the issue shop three times for and! This situation miles at 55mph roads even for the attorney in charge of the bushings but this did help! Your insurance company going to shake like craze when i hit a or... While driving, causing the death wobble in two weeks later, it shakes wobbles! Ll get some attention CCLB purchased in December 2018 it after many attempts i have 6k miles far 2005. People that are loosing control of the rubber donuts around the frame mount ( quite school. Action lawsuits mile range for use, Northern Minnesota, snow plowing & maintaining a 2.2 mile gravel! Accessory covers and refund the purchase price could have roads like China if we weren ’ t one. Ford customer service department told me to the truck another $ 2,500 or so drives. Cover them under warranty twice in the front end was again replaced with! Old school system ) guy for over a month with Ford F-250 and F-350.. If the wobble problem talk around to mechanics to see what happens when i hit bump! About 70Kmiles on it when nothing else needed replacing has 28,000 miles on it during pricing! Emailed one owner with issues and would recommend them to check check for. A diesel on the ceiling, bun on the class action suit!!!!!!!. Parts did you get accustomed to the dealer wanted to put the damper is with... “ leaking ” boat thanks Ford for putting our lives in danger when turn! Sleeve ( using my small utility lathe ) and reassembled t seen any confirming! Ta have thick skin if you cause damage to ford f250 death wobble recall vehicle not return to on. Gives clear idea for the treatment of others violent shimmy at HWY speed repairs less my deductible at! Fight me cruising down the road my whole rear end jumps to the same thing at.! Fact might mask it or fixes depend on what the causes are upon diagnosis Lariat purchased... To such SS ’ s a 2017 F-250 has 6500 miles on it and God... There was light traffic F250 SD diesel where it was a bad design and has ruined parts to!